• Although Classical Ballet is not compulsory, it is HIGHLY recommended to take Ballet as it is the foundation to all other classes.
  • Class level will be determined by FREE assessment in a trail class and placement will be based on skill level, not age.
  • Acrobatic classes will be by invitation only.
  • If a teacher can not take their class for unforeseen circumstances (illness, injury, etc), a suitable replacement teacher will substitute the class. If no teacher can take the class, it will be made up in a term break week. We try to ensure the class fits at the same time as its regular time and day. However if no suitable time is available, it may be made up at a different time and day. If you are unable to attend the make up class, please email us at and we will review your situation case by case.


  • It is up to the teacher in charge of each class as to who they select to sit their exams
  • An extra coaching class a week for the 8 weeks leading up to exams is compulsory to take the exam
  • Classical Ballet is compulsory for all the Young Tilters taking any exams.
  • If ballet is being taken outside of Tilt PA, Certificate of latest exams must be produced.
  • Please see What We Offer > Examinations for which exam levels you can enter and take note of which exams must be taken in succession.
  • 90% attendance is required to sit your exam
  • There are no make up lessons for Exam classes
  • ComDance and RAD do not allow refunds for exams unless a Medical Certificate is produced.
  • Exam dates are externally provided so there will be no change of timings. (If a school trip coincides with exam, a letter of excuse from the school will need to be provided to appeal for a different timing. However this does not ensure the exam time can be changed)


  • Competition teams, soloists, duets and trios will be selected by the teachers through annual audition.
  • You must attend Jazz and/or Tap in Tilt PA to be selected represent the school.
  • Classical Ballet is compulsory for all the Young Tilters representing Tilt Performing Academy in any competitions.
  • If you choose to represent Tilt PA in competitions, you may not represent any other school.
  • Exceptions is if you are attending regular Ballet classes elsewhere and wish to represent that school, only for Ballet Groups and Solos/Duos/Trios.
  • 90% attendance is required to maintain your position in the team
  • There are no make up classes for Competition Rehearsals
  • The Directors have the right to dismiss anyone from the competition team at any time at their own discretion

Class Etiquette

  • Please be punctual for all classes
  • Uniform and correct shoes must be worn lesson
  • Hair must be neatly tied for all classes – all hair off face
    • For ballet, buns compulsory from grade 1 onwards (Hairnet, 10 pins minimum, loose front sections gelled, sprayed or pinned up)
    • For all other genres a neat ponytail is accepted


  • Must arrive 1.5 hours before stated exam time
  • Correct attire must be worn
  • Stockings must be brand new, or completely clean
  • Shoes must be in perfect condition. (Ribbons sewn for ballet exams)


  • Please be punctual to all reporting times
  • Full uniform must be worn at all times when not competing
  • All competitors must always respect all other competitors, teachers, parents and staff at all times
  • No parent is to be in the dressing room other than designated parent volunteers approved by Tilt PA
  • No parent is to be backstage at any time during the competition

Regular Classes
Groups Age (in years) Duration Fees
Startilters 3-4 years 45 minutes $27
60 minutes $30
Little Tilters 5 years 60 minutes $30
Mini Tilters 6 years 60 minutes $31
Mini Tilters 6 years 60 minutes $31
Petite Tilters 8-9 years 60 minutes $32
90 minutes $35
Pre Junior Tilters 10-11 years 90 minutes $36
Junior Tilters 12-13 years 90 minutes $36
Teen Tilters 14-16 years 90 minutes $36
Senior Tilters 17 years old and above 60 minutes $33
90 minutes $36
*By invitation/audition
60 minutes $15
Body Conditioning 60 minutes $15
Teacher training/Mentorship 1 year $1000
Solo training 9 hours $1000

  • A one-time fee of $550/student will be collected for competition expenditure items below:
    (Standard price regardless of number of troupes entering)

    • All competition class training fees.
    • Troupe registration fee.
    • Rehearsal fees.
    • Professional Video and photographs during competitions.
    • Props expenditure.
    • Food (lunch / dinner if required during competitions)
    • Teacher’s fees
  • Does not include
    • Solo / Duo / Trio Registration Fee
    • Costumes



  • All payments must be made at the end of the first lesson of each term.
  • Late fees will be incurred if payment is not made by the allocated date.
  • No refunds of any payments will be allowed. If you miss a lesson, you may make up in one of the other lessons of the same level and genre, or up to teachers recommendation.
  • In exceptional cases refunds made be made but it is at the discretion of the company to approve.